At Buddha Box we believe that Body Piercing is an immensely diverse art, allowing for much creativity. From our most hardcore modifiers, to the most dainty and feminine of clients, we specialize in piercings that are custom for your anatomy. Body Piercing has evolved, and continues to move forward, to be inclusive of many different styles. If you can dream it up, we can find a safe, aesthetically pleasing way to make it happen!


Our piercers will not hesitate to educate you on what will and will not work for your particular body. Many factors, including your lifestyle, are considered when choosing the best piercing for you. We look out for your best interest because what is best for you and your body is what will reflect best on us in the long run.


The sterility of our tools, surfaces, and jewelry are ensured through the original and continuing training of all of our artists, as well as the proper use of sterilization equipment and materials every time. For more information regarding our safety practices, please refer to our Sterilization page.


Jewelry quality is such an important factor in successfully healing a piercing, as well as in its overall appearance. The difference between the implant-grade materials we use for piercing, versus the costume jewelry sold in retail stores (and unfortunately in many studios) is like night and day. For more information on our jewelry standards as well as examples of some of our gorgeous inventory, please visit the Jewelry page.

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